Geodrones © UAV Radiation Detector System


It’s a fold-able and light weight system, can be put into a rugged carry-on equipment case.

Fully automatic flight,high precision, less terrain influence factors. With high precision laser altimeter for terrain fallowing function as option.

FPV system for remote transmission of flight video as option.

The UAV can be deployed easily and fastly, without massive installation, very less possibility of system failure and error.

Survey data is transmitted to the ground station in real time and displayed in rugged windows tablet as well.

Radiation Detection System can be combined with Aeromagnetic survey system, one flight two set of data.

Radiation Detector System Includes following parts:

  Different probes can be used to detect α, β X, γ and neutron ray

  4 ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2 GHz CPU computer

  High Precision GPS data collection

  Radiation Detector   and aeromagnetic survey can be integrated into one system

  Probes and rugged tablet can be used as walking radiation detector system


Carbon fiber UAV four axis payload 1kg (basic   configuration)

  Four axis H4 680 carbon fiber UAV folding frame. The diagonal motor   distance is 680cm.

  Brushless motor 4110U KV400, ESC 40A, folding propeller 1555

  UAV with Ardupilot, satellite map route autonomous flight

  Remote transmission and reception of 2.4 Ghz Transmiter X9D with long   range receiver L9R,

  Long range 1W 433MHz data transmission module

  Aircraft UAV protection box, boarding verified

  Flight time 20-30 minutes


Battery system

  2 of 6S 8000mAh 25C battery 

  500w lithium battery charger


RTK GPS(optional) 

  Fast satellite capture, 0.02m accuracy 


FPV   system(optional)

  HD 13 million Pixel aerial Motion wide Angle camera

  5.8GHz transmitter, dual receiver integrated display


Laser altimeter   (optional)

  120m measurement range, 1cm resolution, 0.1m high precision laser   altimeter supports terrain following flight


10 inch rugged windows   tablet (optional)

  Installed with path planning, real-time data display for 4 rugged   handheld tablets, 433MHz digital wireless connect to UAV

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Multiple Radiation Detector probes have multi-choices.

Different probes can be used to detect α, β X, γ and neutron rays.

Added background removal feature to remove 95% background noise. 

Probe type:

1.  CS30A Scintillation Probe

Measuring type: X ray and γ ray

Sensor: φ30×30mm NaI Crystal

Dose rate range:0.01µSv/h-1000µSv/h


Energy response: 50keV-3MeV




2. N10 H Type Sensor Neutron γ Ray 4 π omnidirectional probe 

Measuring type:γ rays and Neutron rays

Omnidirectional sensors,Gamma suppression ratio 1000:1 ( 137Cs),At the same volume, the sensitivity is 20 times higher than the 3He sensor

Crystal size:10×10×10(mm3)

Dose rate range:10mSv/h(Neutron)  20mSv/h(γ)

Sensitivity:1µSv/h≥0.5cps(252Cf )

Counting rate:1-20kcps