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  Geodrones Syestem focuses on utilizing modern industrial UAV technology with traditional Geophysical exploration technology, Radioactivity monitoring technology, Multi-spectral imaging technology. 

We developed an advanced aeromagnetic survey and radioactivity detection product for industrial applications.


Key Distributor and local services partner of CHINA JOUAV

 Geodrones Syestem introduces a world-leading unmanned VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft developer and manufacturing company, CHINA JOUAV into Canadian market, and is the only Authornized Key Distributor of JOUAV series VTOL Fixed Wing UAV Remote Sensing System in Canada. 


Miniature geophysics exploration sensors

 Geodrones Syestem provides different types of  sensors for variety applications:

  • Rubidium Optical Pump Magnetometer
  • UAV Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer
  • UAV Multi-probe Radiation Detector


Geodrones UAV system with Optical pump magnetometer and fluxgate magnetometer. We applied VTOL fixed-wing UAV Aeromagnetic System for marine geologic survey, automatically takeoff and land in moving research vessel. 

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Video Source from JOUAV

JOUAV CW Full Series VTOL UAV System Presentation

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