Aeromagnetic Three Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

Aeromagnetic Three Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer Specification

Fluxgate axis:                                3 (Right hand XYZ coordinate)
measuring range:                          ±100μT
Frequency domain noise:              >10 to ≤20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
Preparing time:                             15 mins
Offset error:                                   In the zero field ±100nT
Scale error:                                   DC, ±0.5%
Temperature offset error:              1nT/℃
orthogonality error:                        Inter-axial error less than 1°
Digital output rate(GPS sync):      10Hz-1Hz
Digital output noise (static):          0.2nT at 5Hz

Learn More

  • 3-axis Fluxgate magnetic field sensors with Low noise <10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz .
  • 24bit low noise ADC for data acquisition
  • Provide fluxgate calibration and compensation application software
  • 2cm accuracy RTK GPS for data acquisition(optional).
  • Long range(0-120m) with ±0.1 meter accuracy Laser altimeter for altitude control